Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The best preparation for university and work

Yesterday we got some great news.  Our daughter recently applied to a grad scheme, and after a number of interviews and tests, yesterday she was offered a job as a trainee consultant for a travel company.  I found this interesting for a number of reasons:  firstly she still has more than 6 months of university to complete before she gets her MA and can start work - it is early to secure a job offer.  Secondly, we have talked many times about the importance of following her passions (history and art).  Even though last year she admitted that it might have been better to study a subject that would have led more directly into a career, I still feel that spending 4 years studying subjects that you love simply can't be beaten.  The question was, would this count against her when looking for a job?  Would art history be seen as a bit "fluffy" compared with degrees in other subjects?  Would it lead into a job that used these talents and passions, or would she have to train again in a different area?  Yesterday these questions were answered.  One branch of the travel company specialises in tailor-made cultural holidays - certainly as a consultant in this area she will be able to use her expertise in both history and the history of art, as well as her experience of living in 4 different countries in Europe and Asia.

I was thumbing through the September issue of IB World today and came across an article entitled Diploma Programme gets thumbs up.  In a nutshell, a survey of university admissions officers in Britain indicates the IB Diploma is the best preparation for university and work, when compared with other qualifications taken on leaving school, such as A levels.  The reasons for this were as follows:
  • 57% stated the DP includes workplace skills
  • 76% feel that it promotes self-management skills
  • 72% feel it helps students to cope with pressure
  • 23% believe it gives students an entrepreneurial or positive approach to risk-taking
I've written before about the great preparation the DP has given to both my children - both now will be working in good jobs in areas they are passionate about.  I think they have fulfilled the IB mission statement, developing into "inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect" - certainly things that are needed in today's world.  I feel incredibly grateful to the schools that my children have attended, to the teachers who nurtured their passions and skills, who helped them open the doors to their futures and who gave them the courage to step forward into them.

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