Friday, December 4, 2015

Teaching and Learning with Technology

The IB brought out a new publication yesterday entitled Teaching and Learning with Technology.  As I wanted to share this with our tech coaches, I read through it today and found a number of things that are worth highlighting, as well as many things that are already in place at ASB.  I like some of the definitions that have been introduced in this publication as well.  For example:
  • Technological literacy - which is seen as being a combination of acquired and applied technology, reflecting on learning and making choices about which technologies to use and when to use them.
  • Discernment - knowing how to apply technology effectively - this is a critical thinking skill.
I also like the way that the importance of mindsets is brought out.  The document states, "Many schools are hindered in their attempt to implement technology because of mindsets that do not encourage the effective use of technology."

I want to reproduce the following paragraph in full because I think it is vitally important:
IB technologies policies should include the following pillars that outline a school's mission and how multiple technologies support it:
  • Technology aids and extends the ability to teach and learn.
  • Every teacher is a "tech teacher".
  • Technology literacy is integral for all learners in an IB education. 
  • Every member of the school community shares a responsibility to foster technology literacy in all learners.
  • School plans and policies demonstrate the alignment of technology integration and implementation (more about this in my next post)
  • Schoolwide professional development enables leaders and teachers to understand how technologies support and enhance teaching and learning
Schools are encouraged to expand on these pillars and to create new ones.  Which new ones would you like you see your school add into its technology policy?

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  1. I can't find the Teaching and Learning with Technology document - is it a published document on the OCC or just available to certain audiences originally?

    1. Yes it's in the OCC - go to E-library and then Cross Programme Publications.