Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All the 8s

Last night I was looking to see how to turn this blog into an app.  I know I did it before when I lived in Switzerland because I have the app on my iPad, but I couldn't remember what I'd used to do it.  After a bit of a hunt around, I discovered I'd used Como.  I played around a bit with it to see how it looked on different mobile devices and in general I like it because it seems "cleaner" than viewing the blog in a browser.  I wanted to upgrade it to a different design but it seems to be expensive to do this as you have to pay a monthly subscription and I'd have to resubmit it to the app store.  I'd love to know some more tools that would do the same thing though, as I'm thinking that many people read the blog on an iPad or iPhone or other mobile device and would probably prefer to read it using an app than a browser on their devices.  If anyone has any good ideas or suggestions, please let me know.  I'm certainly willing to invest the time to try something different.

As I was checking on the stats for this blog yesterday to see how many people were using mobile devices to view my posts, I noticed that the number of readers has now gone over "all the 8s" - I now have more than 888,888 readers!  I'm also guessing that this is the last time I'm going to post statistics like this.  Last June I had three quarters of a million readers, and if I'm looking at big numbers from here on I guess the next big number will be 1 million, which is truly mindblowing!  After that I think I'll stop counting.

By the way if you want to have my blog as an app you can get it here.  If you are on a mobile device I think you can click the upload icon to add it to your home screen.  The one I played around with yesterday was a slightly nicer appearance (this link is still to the old one I created ages ago), but I'm not so sold on the new design to want to spend money on it just yet.

Have you turned your blog into an app?  What do you recommend to do this?

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