Monday, March 14, 2016

Digital Relationships and Connections - Web 5.0?

Another fascinating thing I learned from Scott Klososky's ASB Un-Plugged session was about Web 5.0. Up to last month I'd only every heard about Web 1.0 - 4.0 and even some of that was very sketchy! This is how he described the evolution of the web:

Web 1.0 - Connected Organizations
Organizations gave information to consumers and they could connect to the organization via a website. This has been called the “read-only web”  as the early web allowed users to search for information and read it. There was very little in the way of user interaction or content contribution.

Web 2.0 - Connected People
Now the web was mobile, social and in the cloud.  This has been called the "read-write" web as people had the ability to contribute content and interact with others.  This was the era of blogs, social media, video streaming and other forms of self-publishing.

Web 3.0 - Connected Devices
This is what we are calling the "internet of things" or M2M (machine to machine) where almost every device will become internet connected.  It's likely that this will dramatically change our world.

Web 4.0 - Connected Information Platforms
This is "ambient intelligence" with lots of data streaming.  It will consist of rivers of real-time information that anyone can access.

Web 5.0 - Connected People and Technology
We will start to see implantable technology and what it means to be transhuman.

Photo Credit: Kent Schimke via Compfight cc

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