Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We are what school should be

In today's staff meeting we were talking about how ASB is different.  With around 40 other "international" schools in Mumbai, what really sets us apart.  We talked about the idea of a value proposition - a promise of value to be delivered.  For example we have often said that ASB students set themselves apart by the quality of their character and the high caliber of their holistic education.  But is that enough?  Today in our staff meeting we talked about the things that make ASB great:  our STEAM programme, the collaboration and relationships we build, the talent of our teachers.

In all we talked about the 6 aspects of ASB that clearly differentiate it from the rest of the schools in Mumbai, and from most international schools around the world.  These are:

  • Being intentionally international
  • Our remarkable educations
  • Our educational ambiance,
  • The pursuit of dreams
  • Individualized pathways
  • Life beyond the classroom

We're going to make a video about each one of these, but here's the first - we are intentionally internationally.  Enjoy!

Photo Credit:  Artwork by Kindergarten Students at ASB

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