Friday, April 10, 2020

Books for the Early Years

As many of my readers will know, I've spent much of the past 18 months doing IB workshops and school visits.  However with schools around the world closed, and travel severely limited, I've turned my attention to things I can do at home.

Often, when visiting a school, I'm asked about the best way to promote the learner profile, in particular with very young children.  I know there are some schools that focus on one learner profile attribute a week (or month) but this can come across as a bit forced.  A better way, I've found, is to use children's literature, linked to the current unit of inquiry, that demonstrates particular learner profile attributes.

Over the past month I've been putting together 3 booklists: for early years, for lower primary and for upper primary.  These are now starting to be published on the Toddle website.  Since many schools around the world are closed right now, there's an additional section about how to use these books if you are teaching remotely. 

The first Learner Profile Booklist is ready - and it is published here.  Enjoy! 

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