Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Books for Lower Primary

My second booklist has now been published!  This one is for supporting the Learner Profile attributes with lower primary students. 

Of course, children of this age can read to themselves, but what better to promote a love of reading than having an adult model this by reading aloud to them!   At this age, children also love listening to books that would be too challenging for them to read themselves, and in addition love to revisit some books that they enjoyed in previous years.  Read-alouds allow the teacher to stop and check for understanding and to find the "teachable moment" in every book.  Whereas students of this age may grapple with concepts such as being principled or reflective, these can become apparent through the words and actions of the characters in the books, so teachers you need to plan for asking some really provocative questions to get your students thinking.

Here is the link to the Lower Primary collection - the Upper Primary collection will be published in a couple of days.

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