Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My 11 of '11

Tonight is my last night of blogging in 2011.  Tomorrow I'm heading to England to visit my mother who doesn't have an internet connection - so there'll be no more posts until 2012.  So for my last post I'm going to link to my 11 favorite posts of the year.

I've come a long way in my thinking this year - as an educator and as a person and I came to realize that I have to move to a school where I can grow some more.  I've been actively looking for someone who can mentor me and encourage that growth, who can make me the best teacher that I can be.  I think I've done a good job where I am.  I think the technology is seen in a completely different way than it was a couple of years ago.  I don't think anyone will ever want to go back.  I leave knowing that I've made a difference.  But I'm excited to be starting a new journey and I'm impatient to start it too.  I'm really looking forward to getting 2011 out of the way and starting on 2012!

Here's my 11 of '11.  These are not the most popular posts, but I think they are the ones that I enjoyed writing the most.

January:  An explosion of blogs
February:  The importance of the right bus driver
March:  I see, I think, I wonder .... about art
April:  Making a difference
May:  What's sauce for the goose is (not) sauce for the gander:  giving students a choice
June:  Using IT for assessment:  For learning, As learning, Of learning
July:  Tech-savvy leaders -v- Lead learners
August:  What I've learnt about IT by climbing Swiss mountains
August:  Evolution or Revolution, Reformation or Transformation?
September:  Information literacy, digital literacy and digital citizenship
October: Digital gifts

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