Friday, August 22, 2014

-v- (versus)

When I lived in England I would often see the term -v- used to describe sporting events, for example football or cricket matches which generally meant "against" as in England -v- Holland or England -v- India.  I realize I've been using it on my blog, and yet many readers, not from England, might wonder what this term means since versus is often written as vs. in other parts of the world.  I've also come to realize that I'm not often using it to mean "against" but more often to mean "compared with" to recognize that there are different opinions or ways of looking at things.  Today I thought I'd look back at all these posts to see what things I've compared over the years.

Average -v- Extraordinary
One shot PD -v- Ongoing PD
Student -v- Teacher -v- Relationship Centred Coaching
Constructionism -v- Instructionism
Interaction -v- Participation, Standardization -v- Innovation
Self-esteem -v- Self-control Part 1 and Part 2
Action Research -v- Action Learning
Homeostasis -v- Tipping Points
Capability -v- Competency
Flipped Classroom -v- Flipped Learning
Feedback -v- Feedforward Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Learning the new -v- Giving up the old
Economic carrots -v- jumping through the window of opportunity
Going fast -v- Going far
Genius -v- Scenius
Approaches to learning:  integrated -v- interdisciplinary
Scientist -v- artist
Standardization -v- Personalization
Being reflective -v- Living in the now
Knowledge:  product -v- process
Thinkers -v- Test Takers
Doing what you love:  concern -v- control
Caring:  empathy -v- sympathy
Aptitude -v- Ability
Bragging -v- Branding
Creativity -v- Rubrics
Research -v- Inquiry
Rapid prototyping -v- TMI
Science -v- the Scientific Method
Disruption -v- Innovation
Good -v- Growth
Dependence -v- Independence
Character -v- Personality
School -v- Work
Directed -v- Self-directed: Building a Maker Mindset
Thinking:  the past -v- the present
Open -v- Closed questions:  the importance of the first word
Pseudo-problems -v- Real things
School house -v- Real world
Computer Science -v- NETS
Achievement -v- Development
A career -v- to career
BYOD:  diversity -v- monoculture
Collecting the dots -v- connecting the dots
Using technology -v- integrating technology
Teaching students how to use technology -v- teaching students how to use technology to learn
BYOD2 - a consumption tool -v- a production tool
IWB -v- Apple TV:  which is best for 21st century learners
Differentiated -v- Personalized
Knowledge -v- Wisdom
Highly effective -v- effective
Free range -v- House arrest
Coming home -v- moving on
Child -v- adult learners
Coaching:  independence -v- dependence
Learning differently:  standardized teaching -v- customized learning
Sport -v- needlework
Deciding to learn:  big dreams -v- small dreams
Competency -v- change
Engaged -v- entertained
Connected learners:  engagement -v- outcomes
Isolation -v- connection
Fear -v- passion
Good behaviour -v- good values
Rewards -v- Relationships
Transparent teaching:  the risks -v- the rewards
Flying -v- going with the flow
Learning from -v- learning with
Content -v- meaning:  disrupting our thinking
Cultivators -v- hunter-gatherers
Coaching -v- evaluating
Bridge -v- Barrier
Questions -v- answers
Leading -v- coaching
International teacher -v- global educator
Growth -v- change
Knowledge of the parts -v- wisdom of the whole
Technology -v- Nature:  what are we missing out on?
Experience -v- Quality
Reformation -v- Transformation
Homework -v- Learning
Tech Savvy Leaders -v- Lead Learners
Meetings -v- #edchat
Dissent -v- The Echo Chamber
I - They - We:  Multiple Perspectives -v- Group Think
Freedom -v- Privacy
Gathering, Processing, Applying:  Inquiry -v- Fact Finding
Covering -v- Discovering
What you know -v- what you can do
Concepts -v- Topics
Students -v- Learners
Working -v- Learning
Ignorance -v- Apathy
The Learner Profile:  Risk Taking -v- Courage
Assessment -v- Motivation
Assessment OF learning -v- Assessment FOR learning
Learning outcomes -v- Differentiation
IB -v- AP
Teaching with Attitude

When I started this blog post I had no idea at all that I was going to search through my blog and find over 100 -v- posts over the past 4-5 years.  I'm thinking that this shows something about myself and my thinking.  I'm thinking also that I need to sort and categorize these a little more than a simple reverse chronological list.  I'm thinking I might be able to take this further and maybe even put them all together into an e-book about different ways of thinking about things.  I thinking about how I can connect this to the IB Learner Profile (maybe open minded?  balanced?).  Let's see.  I'm now contemplating the possibilities.

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